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iMist – Fire Protection Systems

iMist water mist fire protection systems are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and less damaging alternative to fire sprinklers.

iMist STX12 water mist technology provides highly effective fire protection to domestic and
residential properties. The iMist nozzles are discreet, available in any colour to suit your decor and
can be applied to almost any domestic and residential setting. iMist STX12 has been independently tested to BS8458-2015.

Why iMist?

• Prices starting from £1,850
• 24 Hour Response from initial enquiry
• 1st Visit on site within 48 hours of request
• Quick and easily installation, meaning that even the strictest deadlines can be met….
• Staff with experience and training specific to the sector
• UK Manufacturer offering in house installations
• Pre-Engineer & Engineered Systems available


Within 24 hours of your enquiry

Site survey undertaken

Within 48 hours of the quotation

First fix

Meaning within 72 hours the installation
could have begun

Our Clients Say

“iMist were one of two providers that I looked at to satisfy our Building Control’s requirements, from start to finish they were very professional, and the job was completed to the deadlines agreed.”


“iMist were very competitive on price, considering the scale of our job, the installation was very simple and straight forward.”

Owner of 76 HMO Property

“Very Professional from start to finish, polite, friendly and I would highly recommend to anyone trying to achieve maximum space out of their property.”

Home Owner

“This was the first time we worked with iMist, but not the first time we had worked with Fire suppression Companies. They were second to none.”

London Based Loft Conversion Company