Are you sitting on £20,000?

In 1996 the average cost per square metre for a UK house was £631. However, in 2016 the average price per square metre had risen to a whopping £2,216.

In London, space is often priced above £11,000 per squared metre meaning that space is exceptionally valuable in London – even the space a chair takes up is expensive.

So when it comes to fire protection, why sacrifice valuable loft or basement space to sprinkler water tanks when you don’t have to.

Sprinklers have been the traditional approach to fire suppression, but more and more people are experiencing the benefits of innovative solutions such as water mist.

The iMist system is fully compliant to British Standards (BS845), but comes at a lower cost, can be installed quickly and importantly takes up much less space.

Why not check out the sprinkler vs iMist comparison to learn more.

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