Eco-friendly building projects

The construction industry puts a strain on the environment and a recent report by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment has shown that the UK is lagging behind when it comes to the construction of eco-friendly commercial buildings.

What can you do to help improve our standing?

Whether you’re building a new property or making renovations, look in to reducing your emissions and creating a more sustainable project. If you’re running a residential or domestic property, or even an office block,  advertising your eco-friendly status could help you to stand out from competitors.

So how can you create a greener build?


If you’re committed to finding a green contractor then have a look online for someone who fulfils your criteria.  Otherwise, have a conversation with your current or preferred contractor to see what they can do to make the project more eco-friendly.


Try to use materials that are renewable and non toxic. Find out whether you are able to source materials locally – this way you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint whilst supporting British businesses! Have a discussion with your contractor to find out what they know about sustainable resources and whether they can source these for you.


Insulation improves your energy rating and save you and your tenants money on bills. There are many ways of insulating your building to look in to – a team of students at Imperial College are even looking in to a prototype that uses unwanted chicken feathers!

Energy saving

Look in to different energy saving ideas, this starts as small as installing energy saving lightbulbs.

Fire safety

iMist is an environmentally friendly fire suppression system designed to protect residential and domestic buildings from fire. Water mist systems suppress fires by discharging a fine spray of water droplets. This uses less water than a sprinkler system which is better for both the environment and your property, as less water means less damage to your property and less to clean up.

Let us know if you have any more tips for reducing the carbon footprint of your building and keeping your next project eco-friendly!

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