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iMist VS Other Misting Systems

Flexible Hoses & Installation

The iMist system uses a stainless-steel flexible hydraulic hose alongside hydraulic fittings, meaning
that installation is quick and easy, and that even the most difficult historical property types can have
an iMist system installed. The largest part of the iMist hose is 22mm, please see gallery for more

Other misting systems:

Rubber Hoses

Rodents love eating through rubber, meaning that any potential installation with
rubber could lead to false activations or no activation (as the feed is cut) when the system is needed

Push fit hoses

In comparison, the iMist system is a high-pressure system and therefore push fit
hoses would not work alongside such a system. For a low-pressure water mist system this would
work better but this would not be a comparative system to iMist

Solid Pipe

There are systems on the market that only use solid pipe which are a large size in
diameter, meaning that retro-fitting is near enough impossible, and any routes that comes across
obstacles such steels face difficulty and time consumption.


The iMist system uses the Q12I nozzle, which is situated on in a gu10 downlight fitting and made in
white as standard. The nozzle can be made in any colour the customer requires, please send across
your preferred RAL code as early as possible into the enquiry process.

Other misting systems:

Plastic Nozzles

It goes without saying that a plastic nozzle will not farewell in a fire that is at a high
temperature. Plastic expands and contracts with heat, so nozzles are likely to crack which could
affect performance and may cause leaks.

Wall Mounted Nozzles

To be compliant with BS8458:2015 all nozzles are required to be fitted onto
the ceiling. There of course are situations where wall nozzles are the only option and therefore a
pre-engineered system would be best suited. Here at iMist we can install wall nozzles at high level
for pre-engineered systems but this would depend on room sizes.

Traditional Misting Nozzles

The traditional watermist nozzle is a large chrome nozzle protruding
some distance from the ceiling level. Meaning that in Residential & Domestic occupancies it is not
aesthetically pleasing.

Pump Units

The iMist Pump unit is in steel container and designed to be situated in an under stairs cupboard, utility cupboard, kitchen unit etc. The measurements for the pump unit can be found on our gallery page along with the weight. The pump unit has no terminals on the outside of the unit and therefore cannot be tampered with, the pump is also screwed to the wall or side wall to ensure it cannot be rocked. Each job is assessed on a job by job basis but you may well find we can do your whole property with just the 1 pump! Please visit the iMist design page for more information on our 2 types of pump unit.

Other misting systems:

Every misting system will have a pump unit to it, and they do not vary to far from each other. For engineered systems, hydraulic calculations are required in order to make sure that required nozzles would be able to activate when required, and not have insufficient water. For pre-engineered systems there are systems where a pump can only supply 1 or 2 nozzles meaning that you would need a large number of pumps to supply an entire building. Here at iMist our pump unit is much more mechanical and engineered than the others on the market, and whilst it may not be the most attractive of units, you can be sure it will work when required as proven with our test results.

Our Clients Say

“iMist were one of two providers that I looked at to satisfy our Building Control’s requirements, from start to finish they were very professional, and the job was completed to the deadlines agreed.”


“iMist were very competitive on price, considering the scale of our job, the installation was very simple and straight forward.”

Owner of 76 HMO Property

“Very Professional from start to finish, polite, friendly and I would highly recommend to anyone trying to achieve maximum space out of their property.”

Home Owner

“This was the first time we worked with iMist, but not the first time we had worked with Fire suppression Companies. They were second to none.”

London Based Loft Conversion Company

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