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Large Block of Flats

It gives iMist great pleasure to have completed this large residential project approximately 1 year to the day when we started our first fix. The project saw a large historically commercial property converted into luxurious residential flats. Initially the customer hit a stumbling block when they were faced with a quote from a traditional sprinkler company for a larger pump unit and fixed pipes, something that was going to cause a headache in the already full ceiling landscape.

Through a chance meeting the customer became aware of iMist and what the company could offer. It wasn’t long until the price, flexible (light weight) hoses, discreet nozzles and relatively small pump unit was enough to convince the customer that iMist was their answer. Here we are now a year on and the project is completed and there are now residents at the project

Our Clients Say

“iMist were one of two providers that I looked at to satisfy our Building Control’s requirements, from start to finish they were very professional, and the job was completed to the deadlines agreed.”


“iMist were very competitive on price, considering the scale of our job, the installation was very simple and straight forward.”

Owner of 76 HMO Property

“Very Professional from start to finish, polite, friendly and I would highly recommend to anyone trying to achieve maximum space out of their property.”

Home Owner

“This was the first time we worked with iMist, but not the first time we had worked with Fire suppression Companies. They were second to none.”

London Based Loft Conversion Company

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