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iMist’s STX12 System designed in accordance with BS8458:2015

Unlike other systems on the market, the iMist systems have passed all test criteria for both DD8458-
1:2010 & BS8458:2015 with test reports to support this readily available for our customers.
Alongside this iMist have successfully passed the 80mt2 open plan simulation, thus passing any test
required in relation to the Residential & Domestic water mist industry.

Working with iMist? You can have faith that we will perform when required.




It is iMist’s recommendation that all layouts/plans are designed to the BS8458:2015 meaning that all
habitable rooms should be covered, with only small bathrooms and cupboards being excluded. Such a system would be an engineered system with hydraulic calculations being performed each application. Here at iMist we are happy to work with our clients, there will be times where the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will require more or less beyond the standards recommendations and we are happy to engage in conversations to meet that requirement, this would make the system a Pre-Engineered system.

The iMist System
Here at iMist we have 2 types of system, meaning that we can protect both Residential & Domestic occupancies. The STX12 (Domestic) system would typically be used in a single dwelling whereas the STX12-2 (Residential) system would be used to protect multiple occupancies.



iMist Fire Suppression System – STX12 & STX12-2 Overview

Both of the iMist systems are a pump based system comprising a pump unit, control system, water
supply connection, monitoring system, and closed head discharge nozzles. The Nozzles Spacings,
location and flow rates have all be approved and witnessed at the live fire full scale test scenarios.
iMist STX12 systems are an effective form of fire suppression working at a nominal pressure of 100
bar. The pressure, in combination with calibrated discharge nozzles produces extremely small
droplets which help attack all aspects of the fire triangle, thus leading to the suppression of a fire.
iMist use the same 57° Frangible bulbs as the traditional fire sprinkler systems, meaning that the
only way of activating the system is by concentrated heat, it won’t be set off by your burning the

The system is designed as a wet pipe system and so the pipe is normally charged with water at mains
incoming pressure. In the event of a nozzle operating, the flow is monitored and, after a short delay,
the pump started. Water is discharged as mist through the open nozzle.
More nozzles may operate over time dependant on the fire size, location and heat until the
maximum capacity of the system is reached.



Our Clients Say

“iMist were one of two providers that I looked at to satisfy our Building Control’s requirements, from start to finish they were very professional, and the job was completed to the deadlines agreed.”


“iMist were very competitive on price, considering the scale of our job, the installation was very simple and straight forward.”

Owner of 76 HMO Property

“Very Professional from start to finish, polite, friendly and I would highly recommend to anyone trying to achieve maximum space out of their property.”

Home Owner

“This was the first time we worked with iMist, but not the first time we had worked with Fire suppression Companies. They were second to none.”

London Based Loft Conversion Company

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