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Water Mist

Watermist fire suppression systems have demonstrated their value in assisting the protection of life and property in industrial and commercial applications for many years. The advent of watermist nozzles that operate at an earlier stage in the development of a fire, together with the recognition that the largest numbers of deaths from fire occur in the home, have led to the introduction of watermist fire suppression systems specifically designed for residential and domestic occupancies.

A correctly designed, installed and properly maintained watermist fire suppression system can detect, suppress and control a fire at an early stage of development. This British Standard accordingly covers design, installation, water supplies, maintenance and testing of residential and domestic watermist fire suppression systems installed to reduce the risk to life.


The iMist system underwent further testing on 11 th ,12 th and 13 th July 2016, with all test criteria achieved and BS8458:2015 compliancy was met. The testing was again performed at Exova Warrington almost a year after the original testing. It was at this stage that the larger 80m 2 open plan test was undertaken and again passed, with the test report to say all 6 tests were completed issued on the 18 th August 2016. As it currently stands this is the most up to date testing for a Residential and Domestic misting system in the UK. Again, Test Reports are readily available for anyone who asks.


On the 6 th and 7 th May 2015, iMist surpassed all test criteria to achieve DD8458-1:2010 Annex A compliancy. The test was performed at Exova Warrington and was the first time the iMist system had been put through such rigorous testing. On the 1 st June 2015 then test report was issued and is now readily available to our customers. DD8458 is still referenced in Building Officers BS9991:2015 document, however has now been preceded by BS8458 so it is our understanding that the BS9111:2015 will be updated.

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“iMist were very competitive on price, considering the scale of our job, the installation was very simple and straight forward.”

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